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18 Voices Sing Kol Nidre

Short Film, Jewish Film, Religion, Music
Allen Oren
40 minutes


Nominated for 2 Emmys in 2012!

18 Voices Sing Kol Nidre aired nationally in 85 PBS markets and was a pledge special in New York City.

"Magnificent, eloquent, and instructive"
Dorothy Rabinowitz, Wall Street Journal, Pulitzer Prize

"A quiet little gem, gracefully conceived and executed...earnestly informative, good-natured, and never preachy."
George Robinson, Jewish Week

"A great contribution for all Jewish educators because it explains the prayer from many viewpoints and gives a taste of the prayer for almost every level."
Michlean Amir, US Holocaust Memorial Museum

"This unique gathering of voices provides genuine insight into religious expression. Young adults and up from all backgrounds will find inspiration here."
Paul Kaplan, Library Journal

Three-star "Recommended" rating from Video Librarian



There's a duality to the Kol Nidre: it's both Judaism's best-and-least-known prayer. 18 Voices is the first documentary to tell the prayer's rich story: how its words caused centuries of persecution, how it became a Jewish anthem, and how it became an object of intense interest for non-Jews as well.

Included with the 40 minute short film is 16 minutes of Kol Nidre performances!



Allen Oren, an Emmy-winning journalist, produced and directed "18 Voices Sing Kol Nidre" as well as a multimedia concert on the same subject. He is a full-time Journalism professor at Pace University and long-time working journalist, first in print, including a stint as Entertainment Editor of USA TODAY, then in broadcast, winning an Emmy for a series on the history of Madison Square Garden and an Emmy nomination for a documentary on the topic. He was a movie and theater critic on TV and in newspapers in New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington, and Charlotte, and he worked as a magazine journalist for four years in Israel. He is a long-time student of Jewish history and religion.


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