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Bass Man

American Culture, Sports & Competition, Nature, Asian American
Michael Bayer
60 minutes


Takahiro Omori came to the U.S. from Japan in 1992 with the goal of becoming a professional bass fisherman. Bass Man finds Takahiro during the 2001 season, the year that began his rise to superstardom against all odds in a sport that's on its way to becoming the next NASCAR. Takahiro looks to two icons of the sport, Rick Clunn and Jay Yelas, to try and unlock the secrets of their successes and becomes torn between their opposing philosophies on life, God and fishing. Bass Man is an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at this wildly popular and sometimes bizarre sport- the icons, the fans, the history, and the professional fishermen, some forging careers the likes of rock stars, others just struggling to survive.


Michael Bayer

Michael Bayer is a twelve-year veteran of the film industry on feature films and commercials as a Director and Art Director. Bass Man is his second documentary feature. His first feature, No Early Birds (based on the garage sale subculture), premiered at the 2001 South By Southwest Film Festival.


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