Beyond Borders

Human Rights, American Culture, Immigration, Politics, Latin America, Law and the Penal System, Social Justice, Government, Civil Rights
Brian Ging
50/75 minutes


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Beyond Borders moves past the headlines and takes an in-depth look at the hot-button issues of legal and illegal immigration. The film explores the forces driving the immigration controversy from both sides of the debate. Anti-immigration activists demand we stop this "illegal alien invasion,” while some pro-immigration forces speak of a Reconquista, a reclaiming of the American Southwest by Mexico. In search of a middle ground, Beyond Borders travels across the U.S. and beyond to give voice to those on the front-line of the issue, including candid interviews with Border Patrol agents, radio talk show celebrities, demographers, the Minute Men, potential migrants, and a host of experts including Noam Chomsky (Distorted Morality) and Gustavo Arellano (Ask A Mexican). Beyond Borders is an entertaining and enlightening film that asks: Is migration a basic human right?


Brian Ging

As Writer/Director/Editor of Beyond Borders: The Debate Over Human Migration, Brian has taken many chances to achieve his dream of becoming a socially-conscious filmmaker and with diligence has proven himself to be one of the industry's rising talents.

Brian's philosophy of learning by doing has held him in good stead. From self-starting a videography business at age 18 to building a career as an award-winning filmmaker today, Brian has worked hard to achieve his success.

A self-taught filmmaker, he wrote, directed and edited four short films that paved the way for his first feature film, American Yearbook. Inspired by a school shooting news story, Brian decided to tell American Yearbook from the viewpoint of the shooter - but as a victim not a monster. Brian created a truly realistic portrayal with a strong anti-violence message. Armed with tireless ambition, some credit cards and a dream, the film was shot on a shoestring in just 24 days. American Yearbook was nominated for several awards on the festival circuit and won the Audience Choice Award at the Dances With Films Film Festival in Los Angeles, igniting Brian's directing career. The film was also screened in festivals and special film series in England, Hungary, and throughout the United States.

Brian continues his consistent mission to tell stories of strong moral and human value, and looks at Beyond Borders as one of his strongest accomplishments to date toward that goal. Brian's other recent projects have included producing a television pilot, Click Clack Jack for the family market, and co-writing a powerful feature film called Times Like These Again about racial tension in Oakland, which is now in pre-production.

Brian received a degree in psychology from the College of Siskiyous in Northern California and is continuing his studies in Film Directing at Columbia College in Hollywood. An Air Force veteran, Brian served as a Rescue Fireman in Northern California, and volunteered 4 months of his service in Haiti on a humanitarian assistance mission.


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