Burning Land

Jewish Film, War, Drama
Liran Shitrit
88 minutes


Release year: 2022
Countries of Origin: Israel
Languages: Hebrew
Genre: Drama,Thriller,War


"Burning Land" is a coming-of-age story set in the West Bank in the turbulent early 2000s. The story follows Yair, a neglected teenager from Haifa who escapes to the outskirts of Samaria, finding companionship among the "Baladim" - a gang of runaways.
The Baladim welcome Yair and enroll him in a Yeshiva led by Rabbi Grunberg, a secret supporter of their radical ideology.
In this utopia, Yair finds all he ever wanted, but friction with the Palestinians and law enforcement imperils his newfound home.


Liran Shitrit (born - 12 January, 1997) is an Israeli director, screenwriter and producer. He was born in the city of Holon and studied film at the Minshar school of arts in Tel Aviv. Directed award-winning short films during his studies and began work on his first commercial film - In the Name of the Daughter in the fall of 2018. Following the success of the film, Shitrit started developing his first feature film Burning Land. The film was completed in March 2022.

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