Israel, Nature, Human Nature, Short Film
Elad Asulin
9 minutes


Elad Asulin


Fight dogs are not cruel by nature. They are trained from the day they were born to hate and attack every living creature they encounter. That way they become the perfect fighters. After a injury or a losing battle they are thrown out on the street, and find their end quickly. Yuval Mendelovich, a young dog trainer, takes those abandon dogs to his ranch and in a long hard process, he teaches them to interact with the world. The everyday encounters with the dog's violent behavior take its toll from Yuval's life, but he understands that it's the only path for redemption.


Elad Asulin

Born in 1978. Graduated for the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel film institute in 2008. Since then his is an active documentary filmmaker. He has made a TV series about the Israeli army, and several shorts. Currently he is working on his first documentary feature film. Lives in Tel Aviv.


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