Confrontation at Concordia

Jewish Film, Israel, History, Middle East, Politics, Religion, War, World Affairs, Government
Martin Himel
45 minutes


On September 9th, 2002, at Montreal's Concordia University, student union activists staged a violent protest to stop former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from addressing the Jewish student movement, Hillel, resulting in a riot and cancellation of the event. Hillel is a major international Jewish student organization with branches in almost every North American university. Throughout the months that followed, the student union demonstrated strong post-9/11 anti-American sentiment and, further, banned Hillel on campus, provoking angry outcries of anti-Semitism. "Confrontation at Concordia" examines intolerance and violent activism in a microcosm of North American society - a university campus. Fueling this confrontation is the contentious issue of the long-standing conflict in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians.



Martin Himel


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