Deadly Passion: Tragedy in Katmai

Nature, Short Film, Environment
Stefan Quinth
34 minutes


* Jury Award Twin Rivers Film Festival 2006

"Deadly Passion is a must see film that examines this controversial tragedy." -Chris Palmer, FORMER PRESIDENT & CEO, NATIONAL WILDLIFE PRODUCTIONS, WASHINGTON DC


Deadly Passion: Tragedy in Katmai investigates the fatal bear maulings of bear activist Timothy Treadwell and his companion Annie Huguenard that occurred in October 2003 in Katmai National Park, Alaska. This story unfolded in newspapers and magazines across the globe, reporting Treadwell's passion for bears, delving into details of Treadwell's life and outlining the personal cause that ultimately led to his death. However, the details of the story are a source of ongoing controversy and spans issues of bear-human relations that are far greater than the incident itself. DEADLY PASSION examines this tragic event within this context.



Stefan Quinth

Nature photographer, film producer and owner of Camera Q. Stefan has specialized in working with animals, nature and diverse cultures since 1976. He has worked and filmed in more than 36 different countries over the years. Recently he has concentrated on Kodiak, Alaska; Egypt; and Sri Lanka. But he has also filmed much in Sweden and many countries in Europe. Stefan Quinth has produced a long list of films that have been aired on Swedish and International Television.


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