Demeter's Spring

Israel, Jewish Film, Short Film, Spirituality, Religion
Daphna Mero
21 minutes


Release year: 2012
Country of Origin: Israel
Languages: Hebrew
Genre: short film


Official Selection Doc Aviv


Demeter's Spring draws a portrait of the cemetery at Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha, one of the few secular cemeteries in Israel. It observes the cemetery as it withers and blooms again during one year. Between being and nonbeing, holes are bored open in the earth, "reserved" signs are planted and empty plastic chairs await sitters.



Daphna Mero, a film director and a professional dancer; holds a B-Dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance; and a film graduate of Minshar for Art, Tel-Aviv.

Location is a key for her films which deal with the human experience by incorporating film, art and dance.

Daphna's filmography include the short films: "Family Trip" (2008), "Cotton Candy" (2012), and "washed" (2012).

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