Fatherhood Dreams

LGBT, Marriage and Parenting, Civil Rights, Social Justice
Julia Ivanova
60 minutes


A Video Librarian Best Documentary

"A compelling argument in favor of gay parenting and child-rearing diversity." - Booklist

"An excellent portrait of gay parenting. Highly Recommended!" - Educational Media Reviews



Canada is one of only five countries in the world where same-sex marriage is legal. Still, some, if not most people, are uncomfortable with the idea of openly gay men raising children. Fatherhood Dreams takes the audience into the day-to-day lives of Scott, Steve, Randy and Drew, who are fathers through SURROGACY, CO-PARENTING and ADOPTION. Their private journey through fatherhood forces them to deal with much larger issues, including the legal aspects of surrogacy, the complexity of "open adoption", and the battles concerning the official recognition of multi-parent families.



Julia Ivanova

Director/Executive Producer Julia Ivanova is an accomplished documentary filmmaker. She wrote and directed: From Russia For Love (2000), which aired on CBC Newsworld's The Passionate Eye, RDI and in twenty six other countries; I Want A Woman (2003) for Newsworld's Rough Cuts and IFC; and Moscow Freestyle (2006) for Newsworld's The Lens and Knowledge Network. Moscow Freestyle won the 2006 Humanity Award at the Red Shift Film Festival in New York. Julia Ivanova is currently in post-production on Master of Silence, which is supported by the CBC, NFB and BC Arts Council and in production with CBC Newsworld on Price of Heartache. She is a Co-Chair of the BC Chapter of Documentary Organization of Canada.

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