Gender Trouble

LGBT, Women, Sexuality, Trans, Short Film
Roz Mortimer
24 minutes


In this lyrical and moving documentary, four intersex women tell their stories with astonishing bravery and candour. Set against beautiful yet unsettling backgrounds of organically transforming family photographs, orchids and topiary gardens, Melissa, Mary, Barbara and Sara speak openly about hermaphrodism and the secrecy surrounding their conditions and lives. More than one in every 2000 people are born with some sort of intersex condition but you would never know it. Most intersex people have lived in secrecy and silence - the casualties of a medical profession that believed it best to surgically eradicate difference and withhold the truth from their patients.



Roz Mortimer

Roz trained as a textile designer at Middlesex Polytechnic in the early eighties but has been making films since 1995. Her previous production Gender Trouble, funded by the Wellcome Trust, is a documentary about intersex people in Britain.

Earlier films have explored the relationships girls have with their dogs, Dog of my Dreams, and a woman's fascination with worms, Wormcharmer . Roz lives in London.


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