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God's Messengers

Jewish Film, Politics, Government, Israel, Religion
Itzik Lerner
76 minutes


Release year: 2015
Country of Origin: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Genre: Documentary


Official Selection Doc Aviv Int'l Film Festival


An in-depth- intimate look at a group of idealistic radicals who live on the breaking point of an ancient conflict. Despite being small in numbers, these groups seem to be holding the fate of the Middle East in their hands.

In response to the death of his brother Gilaad in a Palestinian ambush, Itay Zar establishes an illegal outpost in the West Bank. Surrounded by Palestinian villages, the settlement is inhabited by some of the most extreme right-wing activists who believe that the sanctity of the land is above all. The "Hilltop Youth" do not adhere to Israeli democratic values, take the law into their own hands and pick fights with the surrounding Palestinians.

With unprecedented access, filmmaker Itzik Lerner takes us on a journey into the heart of hard core settler country. In light of recent terror events carried out by Jewish terrorists, Gilaad's Outpost's radical-destructive force is very timely.



Itzik Lerner is a film director, screenwriter, and producer based in Israel. He lives and works in Kibbutz Revivim, away from business centers.

1988-1991 Film & Television Studies - Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv.

1994-2014 Teacher and lecturer of Film Directing at Sapir College

Filmography: "A Lesson in Insistence": 2004, "The Wives' Releaser": 2005, "The Market Boys": 2006, "Yes, Miss Commander": 2009, "Exodus: The Real Story" (2010)

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