Holodomor: Ukraine’s Genocide

War, Human Rights, History, Europe
Bobby Leigh
21 minutes


In 1932-33, Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe had a bountiful crop of grain yet its people were dying of starvation. In order to crush the will of the independent-minded Ukrainian peasants and secure collectivization of all Ukrainian lands, Joseph Stalin ordered an army of ruthless, well-fed Communist Party activists to confiscate all harvested grain and seize all the food in the towns and villages.

As a result of this genocidal decree, by the end of 1933 nearly 25 percent of the Ukrainian population between 7-10 million people, including 3 million children had perished! In the face of terror, Ukrainians had little possibility of escaping their horrific fate to create another life elsewhere. Travel was banned for Ukrainians keeping them confined in a prison of starvation within their own villages. To this day the Russian government still denies this genocide ever occurred, perpetuating “the biggest lie, the best kept secret.”


Bobby Leigh is an Award-Winning Actor, Filmmaker, and Music Manager and has over twenty years in the music and entertainment business where he has produced and/or toured with such major rock-n-roll multi-platinum legends as "Aerosmith," "Guns-N-Roses," "Red Hot Chili Peppers," "Kiss," "Lynyrd Skynyrd," "Prince," "Quiet Riot," "Night Ranger," "Joan Jett," "The Specials," "Social Distortion," "The Offspring," and "Staind".

Under the Visualiner Entertainment banner, Leigh served as a producer and actor on "The Gift... At Risk" starring Vince Vaughn and Randy Travis, which debuted at the Monaco Film Festival. Also for Visualiner Entertainment, Bobby was a producer on the Award-Winning feature film "Stripped Down" starring Ian Ziering ("Beverly Hills 90210" and "Dancing with the Stars,") The film, which took three awards at the Silver Lake Film Festival, including "Outstanding Achievement in Production," has been sold to eight European Markets and had it's American theatrical release in 2008.

Leigh also produced "The Guitar Player's Girlfriend," winner of the "Los Angeles Screenwriting Competition sponsored by Kodak and Panavision" in 2006. With Filmmakers Alliance, Leigh produced "Plus Or Minus: A Few Things I Thought I Should Consider," a film that deals with teen pregnancy, with director Amanda Swikow. Leigh also recently directed the family film "It's All An Illusion," for Christopher Coppola's Project Access Hollywood. Bobby also produced the award-winning film "Dada," directed by close friend Bradley Jones.

Leigh served as a producer for three "MTV Video Music Awards" Television Award shows, two in New York City, USA, and one in Dublin, IR. Bobby has also worked for the "Silver Lake Film Festival." Leigh was also the producer for "VisionFest/The Vision Awards" for Filmmakers Alliance and the Directors Guild of America West/LA four years in a row. Vision Award honorees include such renowned filmmakers as Mike Figgis, Terry Gilliam, Wim Wenders, Allison Anders, Alexander Payne, David O'Russell, Werner Herzog, Michael and Mark Polish and Laura Dern.


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