Israel in a Time of Terror

Jewish Film, Israel, Human Rights, Middle East, Politics, World Affairs, War
Allen Estrin
26 minutes



Terror bombing after terror bombing, day after day. A sidewalk cafe becomes as dangerous as a military outpost. A simple trip to the supermarket becomes a horror of flying nails, glass and death. Never has a nation had to endure such attacks. How do Israelis deal with this pervasive terror? How do they explain their near-solitude in the world? How do they really feel about Arabs? These are some of the questions that one of America's most respected thinkers, Dennis Prager, went to Israel to find answers to. After seeing and hearing the randomly chosen Israeli men and women in this documentary, you will never read about terror the same way again, and you will gain the deepest admiration for Israel and for the human spirit.


Allen Estrin

Estrin is a writer and producer. He started his career in 1987 as a writer and has written many serials such as: "Boston Public", "Twice in a Lifetime" and "Touched by an Angel". He also produced the documentary movie "Israel in a Time of Terror" and the film "Bare Essentials".


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