Social Justice, American History, Jewish Film, American Culture, War, Human Rights, Israel, Politics, Law and the Penal System
Max Lewkowicz
107 minutes


"[The three generations] form a notable lineage of distinctively conscientious Jewish-American public servants." When a legacy of three generations in a family committed to public service exhibits a degree of character that makes it look straightforward, it is something, as this film ably shows, worth recognizing." - Charles Munitz, The Jewish Advocate



There is a family dynasty that has played a vital role in the most dramatic social and political moments of the twentieth century, yet they are not a household name. Drawing from over 70 interviews with noted historians, journalists, politicians, and the Morgenthau family and friends, MORGENTHAU tells the story of three men and their battles in the service of justice for all.

MORGENTHAU tells the epic story of three generations of an American family whose continual fight for justice brought them to the forefront of the most dramatic events of the past hundred years. The lives of Henry Morgenthau Senior, United States Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, Henry Morgenthau Junior, United States Secretary of Treasury under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Robert M. Morgenthau, District Attorney of New York County for over 30 years reveal new perspectives on the social and political shifts throughout the twentieth century. From fighting for international action against the genocide of Armenians on the cusp of WWI, through the efforts to rescue Jews during the Holocaust despite American political obstruction, and on to the struggle to reduce street crime and pioneer the prosecution of white collar corruption in New York City, the trajectory of the three Morgenthau generations epitomizes the American experience and the lasting value of public service.



Max Lewkowicz, founder and owner of Dog Green Productions, a New York based documentary film company, has written, directed, and produced hundreds of productions for network and public television, museums, and multinational corporations in a career that has spanned over twenty-five years.

Mr. Lewkowicz’s documentary works include award-winning films about the mercury pollution afflicting Native American tribes in Northern Canada, the Dance Theater of Harlem, the generational cycles of poverty in America’s inner cities, Nelson Mandela’s struggle against Apartheid in South Africa, as well as Across the Bridge, a documentary about the American Military Doctrine in Germany during the Cold War and Ours to Fight For, which tells the stories of American GIs in World War II.


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