Nobody Home

Religion, Israel, Jewish Film, Middle East, Spirituality, Islam, History
Michal Bentovim
58 minutes


Official Selection Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival



The Mount of Olives – overlooking Temple Mount and the absent Holy Temple. Tradition proclaims this is the closest point on earth to heavenly sanctity, and burial here ensures proximity to eternity. Yet among the tombs we find the living: those who have chosen this holy mount for their home, who have elected to live in the shadow of death in the hope of finding redemption. Ibrahim Abu Al Hawa has lived his whole life in A-Tur village at the mount’s summit, and runs the Peace House, a guesthouse open to all. Aviya and Amital Cohen, a young couple, have made their home in Hoshen Settlement at the top of the Mount and preach resurrection prophecies to tourists. Nun Mother Catherine has made pilgrimage to Jerusalem and lives in Gat Semanim, the closest place to God. Each character acts under the influence of the Mount’s sanctity to promote its own personal redemption. But the earthly reality of conflicted Jerusalem cracks the holy aura that engulfs the place and delineates the characters’ way of life.


Michal Bentovim is a video artist and curator of historical local photography. She has exhibited her work in Israel and abroad this is her first film.


Nobody Home - Educational Use (DVD)


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