Robinson Crusader

Environment, American Culture, Short Film, Nature, Indigenous Cultures
Stephen Gee
30 minutes


Keith Robinson is in the fight of his life. It is a fight on two fronts. The first is a battle to protect the privacy of his remote Hawaiian island of Ni'ihau, known to locals as the Forbidden Island. Robinson's family purchased the island paradise for $10,000 in gold in 1864. It remains home for 200 native Hawaiians who are largely cut off from the outside world. Robinson has spent millions of his own money to preserve his family's empire but funds are running out. How will he survive? The second and more contentious fight involves how to best preserve some of the world's rarest plants. Robinson has been credited with significant botanical successes, yet he is threatening "scorched earth" tactics to destroy his years of research as a bitter showdown with the US government escalates. Who will win? What will happen to the plants without him?



Stephen Gee

Director/producer Stephen Gee has worked on numerous award winning TV productions.

He is currently the Los Angeles bureau chief for GMTV, the UK's most watched morning news show. Stephen produced GMTV's coverage of the 9/11 attacks which won praise from Britain's Independent Television Commission. He has covered two US national elections as well as numerous breaking news stories and natural disasters. He has conducted interviews with a number of world leaders and many of Hollywood's best known celebrities. Prior to this Stephen was the Los Angeles bureau chief for renowned British production company Mentorn Films. This position included contributions to productions which aired on the BBC, Channel 5 (UK), and NBC. He has experience in various aspects of TV production. He was the lead cameraman for a series of documentaries for National Geographic. He has also produced radio reports for BBC and ABC News. Stephen began his career as a newspaper reporter in Norfolk, England. His print stories have appeared in numerous publications including The Times, Independent and Daily Mirror.


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