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Shooting for Home

Israel, Immigration, Civil Rights, Jewish Film, Sports & Competition, African American
Greg Kappy
42 minutes



*Audience Choice Winner, All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival

"Shooting for Home examines a formidable basketball talent, his success halfway across the globe, his hurt, but more importantly the healing that allowed Bradshaw to come back to America, returning home for the first time in 20 years." - Slam Magazine


Banished from his racially-charged Florida town, African American basketball star Kevin Bradshaw made a name for himself when he started playing college ball and broke the NCAA scoring records. Undrafted by the NBA, he was homeless until he was called up to play professionally... in Israel. There, he scored 101 points in a game and became Israel's first African American professional coach. In Israel he fell in love with a woman - and the country - and would discover the strength to reunite with his family for the first time in twenty years.



Greg Kappy

After earning English and Sociology degrees from the University of Florida, Greg Kappy’s work settings ranged from a classroom for “at-risk” students to a secured psychiatric facility for the criminally insane. Simultaneously traveling the southern United States as a college basketball referee, he was always moved to write about his experiences. After achieving success writing short stories, he moved to Los Angeles where he completed the Professional Program in Screenwriting at UCLA and began his work in film production. For the next several years, Kappy worked as a location manager on major movies and TV shows. In 2011, he began work as producer and director of the award-winning documentary Shooting for Home.

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