Out From the Shadows (Sortie Des Ombres)

Holocaust, Jewish Film, Yiddish, Israel, Europe, History
Patrick Séraudie
81 minutes


Release year: 2022
Countries of Origin: France
Languages: French, English
Genre: Documentary


From the rich Yiddish culture in Poland to the dark years of war in France and to Israel, where his descendants live today, I tell the story of Chaïm Rozent, the foreigner, the Jew, murdered by the Nazis in a village in Corrèze on April 6, 1944. A gradual emergence from the shadows for this victim, who had previously been erased from the collective memory.


Patrick Séraudie a filmmaker specializing in history subjects, and the Second World War in particular.

The director's treatment:
"Sixty years after the execution by the Nazis of four hostages in Bugeat, the arrival of a letter from Yad Vashem at the town hall of this Correze village led to the discovery of a fifth victim, Chaïm Rozent, who had been forgotten by the collective memory.

I think of a sentence from the Talmud engraved on each medal awarded to the Righteous Among the Nations: "Whoever saves a life saves the entire universe". It is impossible for me to save Chaïm Rozent's life today, but I can tell his story. I can draw his story and his memory out of the shadows and thus fight against the Nazis' attempt not only to destroy lives, but also to eliminate their traces and memories.
In this film, there is my desire to start from almost oblivion to bring Chaïm back to life, touch after touch. The desire to tell the story of a man and his family in all its complexity, across Europe and beyond, towards Israel.
This film is an investigation with its search for clues and leads, its moments of hope and its dead ends. For there is little at the beginning: an absence, a tombstone with a telephone number like a bottle in the sea, the fragile testimony of the Rozent children..."

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