The Main Suspect

Jewish Film, Israel, Islam, Middle East, Politics, War, World Affairs
Yaky Yosha
60 minutes


When the Al Aqsa Intifada broke, some Israeli Arabs participated in violent demonstrations inside Israel. Following, twelve Arab Israelis, one Palestinian and one Jew died in related clashes. A commission of inquiry was appointed to look into these events- the main focus was on the conduct of the Galilee police Chief, Major General Alik Ron. Yaky Yosha, the filmmaker, a self described "leftist," set out to conduct his own inquiry; he followed Alik Ron wherever he went. As the official investigation lingered on, Ron was renounced by many Arab Israelis as a "killer"; Yosha was able to gain amazing access to his subject, "the main suspect." Winning Ron's trust, the camera is present when Arab Israelis confront Alik Ron face to face; Ron gets to present them with his version of events. We follow Ron into Arab villages where he is welcomed as a cherished- trusted and beloved family member. Who is Alik Ron? Yosha skillfully illustrates the complexity of the conflict: two peoples inside Israel sharing the same piece of land, interconnected in a complicated and confusing relationship. Nothing about the Arab Israeli conflict is black and white.



Yaky Yosha

Yaky Yosha is a critically acclaimed, award-winning Israeli film director whose unflinching eye for realism has kept him in the top ranks of his country's filmmakers. Internationally acclaimed for his work as a director and screen-writer, Yosha's films have often stirred social and political controversy.


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