The Red Orchestra

Jewish Highlights, Jewish Film, Holocaust, History, Europe
Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
125 minutes


Release year: 2021
Countries of Origin: Belgium, Germany, Israel
Languages: German, French, English, Hebrew
Genre: Documentary


Official Selection
Miami Jewish Film Festival
Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
New York Jewish Film Festival
Vienna Jewish Film Festival
Human Rights Film Festival, Tel Aviv



The Red Orchestra, a most important resistance net in Nazi-Germany, stole Hitler’s plans for the invasion of the Soviet-Union. Via an espionage group of Jewish communists in Brussels they radioed it to the Soviets. After locating their transmitters, Hitler set off a deadly hunt. Postwar, the ex-Gestapo henchmen were courted by Western intelligence services, Propaganda distorted the legacy of the Red Orchestra.

Two large-scale films were launched in East and West – each merely partly truthful. Excerpts from both films are ‘reunited’ in this documentary film to tell the complete story. Descendants in Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Jerusalem contribute to this first comprehensive film of the defamed resistance network.


Carl-Ludwig Rettinger Holding a M.A. degree in Mass Media, Film and Theatre, Carl-Ludwig Rettinger was commissioning editor at the German Public Broadcaster ZDF for independent feature films and documentaries. 1991 he became shareholder and CEO of the film production company LICHTBLICK FILM, based in Cologne.

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