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Three Voices (Diario a Tres Voces)

Latin America, Marriage and Parenting, Women, Social Justice
Otilia Portillo Padua
61 minutes


*North American Premiere SXSW 2013
*Official Selection Morelia Int'l Film Festival 2012
*Official Selection Mexico City Int'l Doc Film Fest 2012
*Official Selection Ambulante Doc Film Fest 2013
*Official Selection Margaret Mead Film Festival 2013

"A beautifully shot doc in which three women of different generations, including a 90-year-old, a 50-year-old and a teenager, describe how they fell in love, how they became disillusioned, and how they keep on going with their lives." - Manuel Rueda, ABC News

"A compelling multigenerational look of three women in relationship to their age" - Daniela Michel, Indiewire

"A vibrant cinematic kaleidoscope… emotionally rich… both humorous and sentimental, just as love stories ought to be." -The Austin Chronicle



THREE VOICES recounts the intimate love stories of three women of different generations: a teenager, a middle-aged divorcee, and a 90 year-old great grandmother. Each woman is revealed in her intimate space, spaces that are not only physical interiors but memories, personal archives, and a constellation of objects that fill those spaces. In this intimacy the women reveal their expectations, dreams, fears and disillusions of love, as well as their most private beauty rituals. They remind us of our mothers, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers -- everyday women in our everyday lives. Love, as experienced by these women, is not only the victim of time but also of their own expectations changing through time.

These women's stories of romance unfold in rooms rich with color and texture -- feminine and sensual worlds that take shape through the eyes of the three women who inhabit them, revealing their intimate lives in the spaces they have lived, loved and been loved. Home movies, old wedding videos, photographs and letters give shape and texture to the generation each of the women belong to: the present, the 80's, and the 30's. Borrowing the color palette of Douglas Sirk's technicolor melodramas, and through fairytale-inspired animations, the film contrasts the notion of never-ending and idealized romantic love with the reality of our own relationships.



Otilia Portillo Padua
Otilia Portillo Padua studied Architecture in the
University of Cambridge and the Architectural Association. She directed the film Tzolkin (Guatemala/Mexico 2001), a short documentary about religious syncretism in Guatemala. She directed the film Heavens Mirrors Everything (Guatemala/Mexico, 2006), a feature length documentary about the Guatemalan tradition of storytelling in wakes. She was awarded the Young Creator’s Fund in 2010 to start Three Voices and was also selected among 12 international projects to particate in the Berlinale’s Talent Campus Doc Sation. She won the DocsDF- Churubusco Docs in Progress Award 2011 to post-produce Three Voices.


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