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Time to Say Goodbye

Comedy, Fiction, Jewish Film, Jewish Highlights, Marriage and Parenting, Religion
Viviane Andereggen
84 minutes



Official Selection
Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival
Rochester Jewish Film Festival
Portland Jewish FF
Harrisburg Jewish FF
Northern Virginia Jewish FF
Washington DC Jewish Film Festival
Orange County Jewish Film Festival
Cleveland Jewish Film Festival
Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival
UK Jewish Film Festival

Time to Say Goodbye is a ton of fun! All laughter and no tears! -Reel Georgia


A lovesick German boy faces the aftermath of his parent's split—and a slice of his manhood—in the laugh-out-loud coming-of-age comedy TIME TO SAY GOODBYE.

Maximilian Ehrenreich stars as 12-year-old Simon Grünberg, a Jewish kid who has a lot to deal with at a difficult hormonal age. Since the recent divorce of his parents, life in Hamburg has been like a ping pong ball, as he travels back and forth between his mom and dad. Complicating matters, the family is religiously divided. Newly-observant father Frank (Florian Stetter) desperately insists that his squeamish son sacrifice his foreskin before his Bar Mitzvah, while liberal-minded mom Hannah (Lavinia Wilson) is fed up with the pious posturing of her ex-husband. Meantime, Simon falls head over heels in love with the new rabbi Rebecca (Catherine De Léan) who is, unfortunately, twenty years his senior. With the Machiavellian scheming of friends Clemens and Ben (Tristan Göbel and Yuri Völsch), a rivalry to win her heart fuels a family feud.


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