Who's Afraid of Jewish Humor

Jewish Film, Europe, Comedy, History
Jascha Hannover
71 minutes


World Premiere
Toronto Jewish Film Festival
Charleston Jewish FilmFest
Berkshire International Film Festival
Winnipeg International Jewish Film Festival



Jewish humor has travelled from the Shtetl to Hollywood, from the Torah to Comic books. Jewish humor is tradition and pop culture – and also a cliché? Especially in Germany and Austria, Jewish jokes became very popular after the Second World War. Jewish humor is, allegedly, self-ironic – and laughing about the Jews together with the Jews seems like a convenient way for the perpetrator countries to cope with their dark pasts. But is Jewish humor really always self-mocking – or is the matter more complex? In the documentary, rabbis, comedians and writers from Germany, Austria, France and Israel have their say. Who owns Jewish humour – and who owns the laughter?


Jascha Hannover Jascha Hannover was born in 1990 in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Jascha is an award-winning director and writer, known for Jüdisches Leben, Jüdischer Humor (2021), Trans - I Got Life (2021) and You'll Never Walk Alone (2017).


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